Psychic Readings at Blue Moon Treasures

What if your natural gifts were heightened to a level beyond your imagination? Part Native American Indian, Jethro Smith survived more than one near death experience, and at the age of eight his gift became public.  

"What good is seeing the future if you cannot change their future?"

This question led Jethro to suppress his gift but ultimately to use his gift to empower others to choose wisely and to "walk in the light." Foresight enables a person to adjust choices, decisions, and emotions, especially during stressful times and times of great change. 

With psychic readings, you can learn to anticipate challenges and deal with them as they come. A fortune teller does not merely see into the future, but prepares you for it. This can be accomplished through a variety of means, such as palm and angel card readings. Answers may lie in your subconscious as you dream, and with dream analogy, Blue Moon Treasures can translate the hidden messages within. 

If you have gone through many psychic advisers with no luck, Blue Moon Treasures in Tampa, FL can provide assistance that will push you towards new heights in life. Contact us today.


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