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Welcome to the Tampa Psychics website located in Tampa, Florida. My name is Ginny and my psychic gift is reading palms, or palmistry, as it's called. I've been in Florida most of my adult life and I love the people here. I've had this gift ever since I was a child. If you're looking for a reading and you don't mind coming to the tampa area (for those far away) for a psychic reading then please contact me.

How does my psychic ability work? 

While you might think that I look at the lines on your hands and tell you about your lifespan, etc. I do not quite work this way. When I have your hand in front of me and I'm feeling the lines on your hands, (basically touching your hand) I start to get images in my mind and I will start giving you a reading. I usually like to start by reading the lines and then I start the reading as the images come to me. I will tell you everything I see which covers all types of things and incudes your future job outlook and love life as these 2 things always seem to come up. After I am done telling you all I've seen you can then ask me direct questions and I will answer them.

I will be at The Soul Mirror this Saturday 7-29-2011 from 12:00 to 4:00 pm.

The Soul Mirror (Owner is Carole Jones)
2025 West Bearss Avenue

Contact Me, if you'd like a reading.

July 2011 

To all the wonderful universal souls who have come to visit my website,
I have had a wonderful few months. I have heard from three of my clients who have moved away. One I’ll call her Ms. M has stopped in to the Tampa bay area to visit me and get a reading. She informed me that what I saw for her life has happened. I saw her married, pregnant, moving away, but that she would meet someone she never expected to see and the connection would take place. She would also be able to continue with her nursing degree. Most of all I saw her happy. A whole year and a half went by before she took some time off from work to visit her mom where she met her fiancé. An old friend who is in the US Army. She is now pregnant and happy and looking forward to a new journey in her life.
I have also had another woman, Ms. J from Gainesville tell me that her X husband would not give her a divorce and she could not make a move and he was making her miserable. I told her this would end w/in 6 months and she will be able to sell the house, get an apartment and be with her lover. (BTW, her husband is the one who had a change of heart about being married) Everything went as I had seen it and she has moved away. Sometimes a new location can let you have the eyes you need to see your true path. I am happy for both of these women and the other lady I foresaw family members moving down to Fla. And she would have sister in law/cousins to visit and not be so alone. As I have foreseen has come to pass. She is happy to put her elderly mom in the car and go for a visit.
My predictions for this year and next on a few things that have come to me. These are not life altering but a glimpse into the future for some easy things like fashion, I see in the near future Americans will go wild for hats and the hats will go from simple to flamboyant. Watch for the new hairstyle to come out, don’t be surprised to see the “Shag” haircut make a return, but it is sure to have a little twist to it. Cut-off jeans will make a return also as well as jeans with cuffs, bringing back that “on the farm” look-Pair those country jeans w/a fab pair of high heels and you have a new look. Popular children’s clothing next year/season will have to do with pajamas and bedding. Buying and Selling Real Estate will become very popular again and real estate law will become a very popular subject to major in.
I still see some problems with the earth’s water. I see some more loss. Recently we have seen pollution of two oceans, the Gulf of Mexico with the oil spill and Japan’s tidal wave has damaged the nuclear power plants. Currently we are seeing in-land waterways being dried up by drought in the Mid-United States. I see another year of water being polluted and flooding along with drought and heat hitting different states than the ones hit now.
Watch for more “Things Revealed” We have seen and heard a lot about crimes, cybercrimes like hacking people’s cell phones, Unlikely people having to step down, politicians, clergy, etc. All caught in their transgressions have had to step into the light. These sins have devastated and altered many lives. Be prepared for more of this for at least another year.
I am going to be at The Soul Mirror on July 30th. Come and see me there for a reading. (or contact me through my email)
Someone once said that the future isn’t there yet, I say some of it is and I can see it.
Good night from Tampa Bay Florida.

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